Thursday, May 10, 2012

VIDEO: Jewish Redhead who cuckolds her BF

Hola, I see that Sela is posting some video's of her favorite amateur BBC Sluts so I decided to post a little something as well. I seen this BBC Sluts video on several sites and I dont know her name however she is H-O-T! Some quick pics:

Here is the one video that I know of:

If you know who she is or what site she is on please let me know.


BBC 4 Rosa


  1. whats the story behind this video did husband set it up or what? where did he find this guy at?

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  2. That is "jewishredheadwifewithbf"

  3. Her name is Frenchie:

    1. It's not Frenchie...she is an amateur. Her real name isn't "Tamara," either. As a couple, she gets fucked by black men while her man films. She used to meet men online in order to do this. Their profile is on

      They have recently removed all of the pictures and videos from their profile.

      Unfortunately, unless they film some more I highly doubt we will be seeing any more of them.


  4. That really does not look like Frenchie at all. I would also like to know more about this couple.

  5. ...continuing from my last comment:

    Below are some links to pics/vids of her. Some are duplicates. Sorry about that.
    After the links, I list out some of the more useful search terms I used to find info/pics of this girl.
    NOTE: This is the first video I saw of her with the light hair. At first, it looks vaguely like her, but at around

    7:24 you can confirm it's her by the distinctive nose.

    jew redhead
    jew redhead tamara
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  6. Ok, sit back and grab your favorite beverage, because this is going to be a long one.

    Years ago, she was on AFF ( under the name JewRedheadWithBF.
    Don't bother to go looking for the profile now: It's been deleted (or at least deactivated) for years.

    I forgot if the profile was listed a single woman or couples profile, but either way, they were only soliciting for guys to come fuck the girl while her boyfriend watched and took pictures/video. (i.e. the male did not play)

    I don't remember exactly when they were on AFF, but I'd put it somewhere around 2006 through 2008 or 2009.
    I believe the profile said they were in Los Angeles.

    They had lots of photos of her fucking many different guys. I'm pretty sure it was always black guys and usually more than one at a time.

    Sadly, one day, without any kind of announcement or explanation, their profile went away.

    For at least a year after their profile went dark, I would check back every few weeks to see if they had returned.
    (It's common for couples to "take a break" from AFF once in a while.) However, to this day, they have never returned.

    For the next few years, I kind of forgot about them. Then my curiosity came back and I started searching the net for their old AFF username. I found a treasure trove of videos and pictures, most of which I remembered from their AFF days. Evidently, she had amassed quite a following from her humble little AFF profile!

    Several of these pages called her "Tamara", although I have no idea if someone made this name up or if it's her actual name. (I don't remember their AFF profile ever mentioning a name.)

    After digging for a while, I started coming across a few somewhat professionally produced videos. However, although people were claiming that this was the same girl, but she had much lighter hair and I couldn't be sure it was her.

    Luckily, she has one very distinguishing feature that makes it easy to compare known photos of her to "unknown" photos: Her nose, as seen from the side. It's very distinctive nose for a girl.

    Based on my VERY amateur analysis, I feel pretty confident that JewRedheadWithBF A.K.A. Tamara is the same as "Frenchie" girl in the professionally produced videos.

    My guess as to what happened? (And this is a TOTAL GUESS.)
    She and her boyfriend started dating, eventually experimenting with cuckolding and going on AFF to find fuck buddies.
    Over time, her appetite grew to the point where it stopped being a game and she realized how much she needed (not just wanted) it.
    The boyfriend got jealous and gave her an ultimatum, i.e. "This is getting out of hand. Either you stop or we are done."
    And she decided to leave him and get into porn. (Hence the professionally produced "Frenchie" videos.)
    Again, this is a total guess, and very likely wrong.

    I'd be interested to hear from anyone else who can give more info about the girl, the situation or any more videos or pictures. I personally prefer the amateur ones as they have a more "real" feel to them. Oh, and her red hair is way hotter than that peroxide job.

    - Cartman

    PS> This comment is getting too long, so I'll just end it here and create a new comment below with some more info.

  7. It's not Frenchie...she is an amateur. Her real name isn't "Tamara," either. As a couple, she gets fucked by black men while her man films. She used to meet men online in order to do this. Their profile is on

    They have recently removed all of the pictures and videos from their profile.

    Unfortunately, unless they film some more I highly doubt we will be seeing any more of them.

  8. The Jewish Redhead is NOT Frenchy. If you watch the video, the Redhead has a tattoo on her right shoulder. And the Frenchy chick has a tattoo on her hipbone.

  9. Actually I know her and her ex-fiance (the guy filming). Her name is Jennifer his name Alex. Also google the name "empireoftexas" another name he used to post her photos. Alex moved back to Texas with his family after losing his job in LA. Jennifer decided to stay in L.A. and got into a bad Automobile accident in 2009. They are no longer together. After a long recovery she ended up falling for her boss at the time who was in the adult movie industry at the time (he was white). Haven't heard from either in a couple of years.

  10. Can anyone post links to any of their videos? The only two I've found is the one posted here and a short 4 minute one with 3 black guys that isn't that great. Cartman or anyone else that has the videos or knows where to find them please let us all know. She is great. I've checked several of the best trackers and forums out there and I can't find anymore of here.

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  12. Her real name is Jesse Teplow.

    1. Hey man, please don't post personal information on here. First name is ok. Can you please edit or delete your comment?

  13. And the boyfriends real name is Drew Fernandez, he's the white guy with the camera phone.

    1. the two of you must've been from U of R. was wondering when ppl would find these.

  14. well, if am right i have the facebook profile of this gal, she has her pic on it too, well, it is not named "tamara" or any other, it says she is a student in london and her name on facebook profile is "judith goldmann" well il even post the link of her account to make it easy for you guys to check her profile

    1. that is a very elaborate troll account. The girl's name was written above, Jesse

  15. Facebook girl is not real one bit this girl is state side i think i might have found Drew i'll keep you posted


  17. I've found her :) haha did'nt take long theres lots of fake profiles tho good luck guys

  18. In cases where it's not clear that the people in a video wanted the video to be released or are comfortable with their real identities being discussed online, I think it's wrong to reveal personal identifying information about them. You make it that much easier for people to harass or stalk them, and you have no way of knowing the extent of the harm that you might cause. Somebody could harm the girl, or one or both of them could harm themselves out of embarrassment about what happened.

    And again, it's not like we're dealing with well-known personalities in the cuckolding scene, like Jan B. For all we know, these people were the victims of a burglary or mugging in which they lost their computer or data and now it's out there without their consent.

    I would ask that you please consider removing their information if you posted it anonymously.

    1. Hey dipshit, if they posted it anonymously, they *can't* remove their information. Anonymous posts can't be edited, genius.

    2. Actually the information, pics and videos were stolen from her computer. They never intended for this stuff to become public. Someone should help her to get it all removed

    3. was not stolen, they were active on many adult sites.

  19. Judith goldmann is the name .find it on facebook

  20. I have tons of pics of this slut they tried to take them all down but couldn't since they gave the guys copies of the pics as well.

  21. Facebook Privacy Statement for its users:

    When you publish content or information using the Public setting, it means that you are allowing everyone, including people off of Facebook, to access and use that information, and to associate it with you (i.e., your name and profile picture).

    In other words, IF her Facebook content is Public then she is giving away her rights to Facebook and non Facebook users to access that content. If the owner of this blog is concerned about people on here using that information to bully and / or harass, then it is his duty to remove any and all posts revealing her name and other identifying information to avoid possible legal ramifications.

  22. jewish redhead is jesse , she and drew broke up few years ago. she was pressured by drew to do the disgusting black cuckold vids.. jesse moved to london

    1. she doesnt live in london, her parents live in the UK however (recently moved to Cambridge for a year.) She looked really pressured in the videos, in fact Drew asked her to stop in one and she said shut up and kept going. She should feel no shame, nothing wrong with being sexually attracted to black men.

  23. How do you know she was pressured. Maybe in later videos with more than one guy but my feeling is not in the beginning.

  24. You can find more information on her and other lesser known Amateur Porn Starlets at the following Blog site:

  25. You all know these videos were leaked by her shitty ex husband which is why theyre not together, and she no longer lives in the US right? and its people like YOU that keep reposting this video and giving out her information to people who DIDNT need it that make her not at peace. how would YOU feel if someone did it to YOU? I actually talked with her for a few minutes which was NOT easy, and she openly admitted to me that she did not release these videos NOR consent to do so.

    1. she lives in California. Dates a man there etc. The facebook person you talked to is a very elaborate troll (Judith Goldman.)

  26. Judith Goldman was the real her.

  27. she's a tramp. a jewish tramp who, pervert BF or not, would be spreading her legs and opening her mouth for every low-rent black dick on the planet. she's a gaping hole. takes two to tango. she looked like she was enjoying getting rammed.

    the only ripoffs are that there are no cumshots, facials or otherwise, and i haven't seen her getting assrammed or dp'd. so, Judith or Jesse, or Drew, be a mensch and release the assreaming stash too!

  28. Andrew g-squad available on u tube, I love Jewish cock!

  29. Her full name is Jesse Teplow. She is from the San Francisco area. She graduated from University of Redlands in 2008 and was active in theater. She recently moved to Cambridge, UK. Her Facebook is /jesse.teplow.

    His name is Andrew James "Drew" Fernandez, also graduated from University of Redlands. His Facebook is /drew.fernandez1. Instagram is /djfrenandez. Twitter @drewciferjames

    Hope this helps!

    1. looks like she is still friendly with Drew, commented on several of his status updates up through the end of 2013

  30. Last year the whole family took off for the UK. Her father, UCLA neurology professor David Teplow, is on sabbatical in Cambridge and brought Jesse and her mother, Arden Diamond Teplow (FB: /arden.teplow) along with him to Cambridge/Impington.

  31. Update: She's dating a guy named Cooper Moeschler, and she works as a manager for Kate Somerville Skincare in Canoga Park, CA. Looks like she's back from the UK.

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  33. Someone help her to take all this information down. It is so damaging to her family, not because they are ashamed, but because no one wants to think about family in that way.
    All this information, pictures and videos were stolen from their computer. Get a life, all of you!

  34. Either way she's a slut whore.. As you can see, she loves big black dicks and doesn't care if there's a morality or whatever. If she's really a good person or should I say a clean living, she can actually decline doing the dirty stuffs like that. Yes she can stay away with it. I wonder if her parents and relatives and her big brother knows about this? I wanna see their reactions.

  35. her facebook account /jesse.teplow is gone or does she change it or make a new fb account? any updates of her?

  36. I think for now her Facebook account is gone. She still has Google plus. I agree nobody should harass her but somehow her name got known. There is very little you can do about that. Lets face it she did want to do this which one of the first videos proves when she continues ignoring Drew's doubts and objection. It could be that she did not know he put them out on the net. Anyway if she did not know she certainly does not hold it against him. Otherwise why would she be friends with him on Facebook and Google+
    What I find sad is that they were such a lovely couple so much in love. I can not help thinking this whole cuckold thing destroyed that. To this day on he is still single and he is an attractive guy. So it damaged them I think. Cuckolding is fascinating but one better refrains from it. If you let the cat out of the bag you can not erase this from your life. It changes everything for the worse.

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  40. For your info I have send a message with my remarks here to Drew Fernandez on Facebook but he was not so amused. Drew has a bit of an anger problem ha-ha.
    In my view I was not at all judgemental and also positive about them. I have empathized to have no intention of harassing them. My question was also if they could again be together since Jesse as far I know is not in a relationship or marriage. Still this is his answer:
    "I'm only responding to this because you seem to have no idea what you're talking about. You have everything about this wrong, you'll never understand any of it, and I don't care to explain to you. Get a life, jerk, before you sit and pass judgement on others."
    Furthermore he blocked me so Drew is not someone willing to talk to people about his fetish obviously.

  41. Seems that you have all the information about her.. I did my ivestigation also and I found she really moved to Uk with her parents.. No fb no tw but I found a instagram account of her even Drew commented a pic there