Wednesday, November 9, 2011

VIDEO: Rosa BBC WHORE- The compliation video

Here is a quick video on my good friend Rosa (who is now 6 months black pregnant)Whoredoza doing what she does best . . . Sucking Black Cock!!!


PORN STAR: One of my favorite Pornstars dedicated to only Black Cock: SPRING THOMAS

Hey Everyone,

I thought I would post a brief BIO and Video on one of my favorite porn actress:

SPRING THOMAS - Black Cock Slut


Spring Thomas is an American pornographic actress and nude model, born in Georgia on June 6, 1981. Thomas specializes in interracial pornography but also made videos having sex with caucasian men and women.

Although her filmography is shorter than other pornographic actresses, Thomas is well known among the niche of internet fans of interracial pornography. The Internet-based " Urban Dictionary " includes an entry for the term, "Spring Thomas", used there as an adjective to describe Caucasian females who prefer to associate with African-American men. From time to time, she has become the object of some controversy, based on her scripted use of the word "nigger" during sexual acts in some of her films.

Much of Spring Thomas's pornographic work currently appears on her dedicated website. Hundreds of hours of footage are available there of both her and another actress who plays the part of her sister, Katie Thomas.


STORY: Random Questions: What is Cuckolding?

I get this question asked a lot when I am out and about doing my thing with my new hushand . . . Why am I doing other men and more to point why just Black Men? Our immediate answer is that we are swingers however if you dial down to the bare essentials I am cuckolding my husband. So the next questions usually is what in the heck is Cuckolding?

Here you go:

Cuckolding is when a married women has sex with one or more men with the husband's knowledge. The husband may not only be aware, but may encourage this and even find it stimulating. In other words, she is screwing other guys and he knows and likely even likes it. He may get off on the "badness" of it, the humiliation of it, watching it or simply hearing about it. Some men are aroused at the idea their their mate prefers the other guy especially if he is better endowed. He may want to be made to feel like a women while she gets a "real man".

Some random photos of White Women with their Black Bulls: