Tuesday, June 21, 2011

WEBSITE: Latina's who love some Black MEN!!!

Here is a good forum for Latina's who love that BBC!!! It's not X-Rated but still gives you good forum to voice your opinion.

Click on link below:

Latina who love Black Men!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rosa BBC Whore


Sela and I both wanted to make this site about one thing and one thing only . . . Talking about how much we LOVE BLACK COCK!!!

I am sure you know my story by now . . . If not here is a quick little note on me.

I am have been married for going on 6 yrs now and I live the CUCKOLD lifestlye . . . I am a submissive Latin Slutwife that loves to get my BBC.

I look forward to hearing about other Slutwives that enjoy the same thing I enjoy.




Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sela BBC Whore

Hello Everyone,

I figured I would post a little brief introduction as the first official post of our Blog in the hopes you would understand why I am so attracted to Black Men and Black Cock.

For starters I am in a serious relationship with someone who I love deeply and he is not Black . . . In fact he is White and is a little younger than I am. However we both found out some years back that we have this fetish for Black Men. His fetish is to see someone he is with be with another Man . . . Black Man to be specific! And my fetish is that I love to be with them . . . . Sexually of course!

So we started hanging out with other couples that were into the same thing . . . Swingers, Cuckolds and Open Relationship minded people  . . . And I have to say that it has been so very liberating for us and our relationship to not worry about this subject.

My lover loves me loving Black Cock and I love him back for it!!!

I really hope you enjoy this Blog as much as I will enjoy being part of it.